Book Review: Cancer & Nutrition by Dr. Charles B Simone, MD.

Abstract: Must we wait for a miracle cure? No, according to Dr. Simone. Based on the latest scientific research, Dr. Simone explains in straight-forward language just what adjustments and dietary changes cancer patients can make to turn the odds around in their favor.  Dr. Simone strongly feels that it is your responsibility to learn about the risk factors involved in cancer development and then modify those risk factors accordingly. You should devise your own anti cancer plan.

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Dr. Charles Simone is no ordinary MD. Besides being a Medical Doctor, Medical Oncologist, Immunologist, and Radiation Oncologist, he also holds a Masters of Medical Science – for investigating the cancer killing properties of herbal plants.

While thoroughly engrossed in basic science, Dr. Simone found a new direction as a result of direct contacts with cancer patients (one of his first patients was former Vice President Hubert Humphrey who was then dying of malnutrition secondary to his cancer). Newly interested in nutrition, Dr. Simone realized that existing cancer treatment produced limited results. Although billions of dollars are spent on research, the number of new cancer cases rises year after year. He then decided to devote his time investigating the effects of nutrition on cancer and the possibilities of cancer prevention.

One of the results of his work was a landmark book: Cancer & Nutrition: A Ten Point Plan to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer.


Must we wait for a miracle cure? No, according to Dr. Simone. Based on the latest scientific research, Dr. Simone explains in straight-forward language just what adjustments and dietary changes cancer patients can make to turn the odds around in their favor.

In the chapters on Nutrition, Immunity & Cancer (Chapter 4) and Nutritional Factors (Chapter 8), Dr. Simone clearly highlighted the importance of nutrition with the following points:-

a)   … nutrition affects immunity … and also affects the development of cancer…poor nutrition adversely affects all components of the immune system.

b)   Nutritional factors are closely associated with gastrointestinal cancers, breast, prostate and endometrial cancer.

c)   A high risk diet for cancer … has high fat, high cholesterol, low fiber, salt-cured, pickled,    charred, smoked or burned foods, and a low consumption of vitamins and minerals.

d)   Dietary animal fat promotes and probably initiates carcinogenesis …High fat consumption is related not only to the high incidence of breast cancer but also to the high mortality rates from breast cancer.

e)   … total protein intake will correlate with the incidence of and mortality from cancers of various sites. This co-relation has been seen for breast cancer and colon/rectal cancer.

f)   Eliminate all dairy products – whole and low-fat milk, cream, all cheeses. Do not eat whole eggs.

g)   Eliminate all oils and nuts including butter, margarine, meat fat, lard and all oils. Both saturated and polyunsaturated fats are detrimental.

h)   Eliminate table salt, refined sugar, food additives, commercial cakes, pies, cookies, potato chips and deep fried snacks.

i)    Avoid all caffeine containing beverages, such as coffee, tea, colas, etc.

The above few points by Dr. Simone clearly show that you cannot eat anything you like especially when you have cancer.

Part Four of Dr. Simone’s book discusses the various nutritional risk factors for individual cancers such as breast, gastrointestinal, prostate, endometrial, ovarian, bladder, thyroid and lung cancer.

Part Five outlines Dr. Simone’s Ten Point Plan, which stresses heavily on nutritional and lifestyle changes.

In the other chapters, Dr Simone described:

  • smoking as a slow suicide,
  • alcohol consumption robs the body of many nutrients,
  • obesity is a cancer risk factor,
  • food additives and certain processing techniques are known to produce carcinogens etc.
  • environmental factors such as air, water, electromagnetism and the problem of pesticides are also elaborated in detail.

One important factor to note is that Dr. Simone is a firm believer in the use of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants by cancer patients. According to Dr. Simone, during his tenure with the National Cancer Institute, studies were performed which clearly showed that vitamins and minerals do not interfere with the anti-tumor effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In fact, on the contrary, some vitamins and minerals used in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy have been shown to protect normal tissue and potentate the destruction of cancer cells.

Dr. Simone strongly feels that it is your responsibility to learn about the risk factors involved in cancer development and then modify those risk factors accordingly. You should devise your own anti cancer plan.

Further References

a)  Visit Dr. Simone’s website and read other articles on Nutrients and Cancer Treatment, etc.

b)  The Truth About Breast Health: Breast Cancer, Prescription for Healing.

c)  The Truth About Prostate Health: Prostate Cancer, Prevention and Cancer Life Extension

Interesting Footnote

When you read the book, Cancer & Nutrition, you will come across a foreword written by Dr Robert A. Good, MD, and a former President and Director of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in which he was quoted as saying:

“ I am convinced that if everyone could read Simone’s book early enough in life and take it seriously, we would make major stride toward putting the cancer doctors out of work and approach the legacy of health that is within our reach.”

However, if you visit the website operated by a Dr Stephen Barrett, also an MD and funded by the medical/drug fraternity, Dr. Simone’s book is listed as a non-recommended book (amongst 25 other books!) Click on Special Message for Cancer Patients seeking Alternative Treatment. Why is this so? Well, to find the truth, you should first read Dr. Simone’s book.

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Comments from Chris Teo, Penang.

I went into the Quackwatch website. Some of the books listed in there are:

  • Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Michael Quillin, PhD, Rd, 1994)
  • Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth (Phillip Day, 2001)
  • Cancer and Common Sense (Douglas Brodie, MD)
  • Cancer and Its Nutritional Therapies (Richard Passwater, 1978, 1983)
  • Cancer & Nutrition (Charles B. Simone, MD, 1983)
  • Cancer: One Disease, One Cause, One Cure (Mike Thompson, DC)
  • Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth (Philip Day, 2000)
  • The Cancer Industry (Ralph W. Moss.1980, 1989).
  • Cancer Therapy (Ralph W. Moss, 1992)
  • Choices in Healing (Michael Lerner, 1994)
  • Comprehensive Cancer Care (James S. Gordon, MD, and Sharon Curtin, 2000)
  • Definitive Guide to Cancer (W. John Diamond, MD, W. Lee Cowden, MD, and Burton Goldberg, 1997)

You should not read these books, according to Dr. Stephen Barrett – they are NOT recommended. I am not too sure if this is intended to be a joke or what? Why are cancer patients told NOT to read books written by outstanding people whose views may sometimes not be in line with the cancer establishment?

Or, is QuackWatch assuming that cancer patients are all idiots who need to be led by the nose? Unfortunately, he does not even realise that he is insulting your intelligence.

Or does it take a greater quack to say someone else is a quack?

What has the Super Quack written in the first place? In the earlier years, I used to read articles why QuackWatch. If a person thinks that he knows everything and writes on every subject, soon he exposes his own “stupidity”! The more one talks, the more one exposes what one does not know!

The authors of those books “banned” by Barrett are great men of intellect whom I have great respect for.  This is my message to cancer patients: If at any time in the future, I have deteriorated to a level to tell you not to read books by these men, please know that I have gone mad!

Let me tell you more about two of these authors. If you wish to know more of the others, you can easily find them in the net.

1. James S. Gordon, MD, is the Founder and Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC and is a Clinical Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. Gordon recently served as Chairman of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. He also served as the first Chair of the Program Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine and is a former member of the Cancer Advisory Panel on Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the NIH. Dr. Gordon has devoted 30 years to the exploration and practice of mind-body medicine. A Harvard Medical School graduate, he was for ten years a research psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health.

2. Ralph W. Moss, PhD, is an internationally known medical writer who has written or edited twelve books and three film documentaries, mostly on the question of cancer research and treatment. He is a graduate of New York Citypublic schools, New York University (BA, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 1965) andStanford University (MA, 1973, PhD, 1974, Classics). The former science writer and assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering CancerCenter in New York (1974-1977), for over 30 years Moss has independently evaluated the claims of various cancer treatments, conventional and nonconventional. Dr. Moss articles and scientific communications have appeared in such peer-reviewed journals as The Lancet, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Anticancer Research, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, andIntegrative Cancer Therapies, of which he is Corresponding Editor. For years he has written the monthly “War on Cancer” column for the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.

Can the person running QuackWatch ever come anything near to these authors in terms of academic credentials?

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