The Bane of Some Doctors


To all doctors out there

Who may know what is where

Who feel they know the future

And they who can close a case better than a suture

Jamal Abdullah

Kuala Lumpur


The Bane Of Some Doctors

To all doctors out there

Who may know what is where

Who feel they know the future

And they who can close a case better than a suture

Who, Which, How, Where, When

What do you say?

How do you say it?

Where you say to patients

As if you are a talking crystal ball

And as if you can predict the outcome

Of a surgery or a treatment

And talk point blank, blunt

Like a deadly bullet

That cuts a pain in the chest and gullet

Where you talk and a painful wail

In trying to cause the patient to take it, but no other choice.

You feel that your tool in hand is the answer

And experience in mind is an indicator

And words you say, perceptions you have

Corner, confuse, sway, mislead, misconstrue,

Twist and turn, reword and reframe

Making it biased towards yourself.

Oh the bane of doctors who think you know too much

Where a problem of the foot is …

Predicted by a doctor specialized,

In problems of the upper end of the body

You predict without investigating

You drop a bomb and count the days much better than a chronometer

And you give a five-year sentence without a just warrant,

Or a sentence, very much shorter

The patient you have may not be happy

Forced to submit to your so-called whim

For you try to play God, as you cover your tracks

And that you forget, that the knife is not the answer (but a band-aid)

And you forget that the chronometer is not you

But, one Omnipotent Power.

You as a doctor do forget, due to your fame

The meaning of the Hippocratic Oath

You forget yourself in search of results

What are you looking for – not fame so much,

Maybe more money, maybe a winning score

So as to be one up among your peers

The world of medicine is unlimited

So do not put on an artificial limit

Thus break your mental walls with your laser gun

And look beyond ~ beyond ~ beyond

God created the world

The world has answers

The answers in medicine

The medicine in plants

Where plants end up being medicine in the world

Natural medicine unfortunately not accepted

By the overly educated doctors with too much experience

Where too much experience means no experience at all

Isn’t this at all relevant?

Doctors who think modern medicinal procedures as the best answer,

Your answer may be what that grows out of the ground.

Hang Tuah

Cancer Care W484

3 April 2004, while at the Allergy Conference

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