Terminal Lung Cancer: Five Months of Painful and Sleepless Nights Relieved by e-Therapy and Pain Herbs

Abstract: Bee and her family came to see us on 16 June 2010. She presented with severe pains in the rib area. She was unable to lie down and sleep. For the past five months she was unable to sleep all night due to pains. Just one treatment with the bio-frequency and herbs, Bee was able to sleep and the pains almost disappeared.

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Pain is a very common problem faced by cancer patients. If allowed to persist it degrades quality of life. Being alive becomes meaningless. Albert Schweitzer wrote:  “Pain is more terrible Lord of mankind than even death itself.”

According to Richard Patt (1) pain can almost always be managed effectively – if just the right amount of the right drug were prescribed at the right time. But unfortunately pain in cancer patients is too often not properly treated. A study revealed that 50 to 80 percent of cancer patients in the “developed” world suffered unnecessarily (1).

Doctors treat pain through the use of painkilling medications. Some patients respond well to the drugs while others don’t. Not everyone reacts to medication the same way. According to Perry Fine, “There’s no good way to predict how you’ll respond to a certain medication. That’s why people with chronic pain change their medications an average of three times a year ” (2).

Some patients decline taking painkilling drugs because of the side effects they produce – sometimes seems to be worse than the pain the drugs are supposed to relieve. Among the side effects are: drowsiness, constipation, nausea and vomiting, stomach irritation or bleeding. The gold standard of painkilling medication is morphine.

Relieving pain through non-drug methods is also possible. Exercise (such as yoga, tai qi), massage, meditation, bio-feedback, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, magnet therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, acupuncture, herbal therapy, etc., are said to be effective for some patients.

According to Joseph Audette “those who treat chronic pain often don’t feel we have a lot to offer patients with traditional Western medicine, or we may have concerns about serious side effects or the additive properties of certain drugs. As a result, I think we reach out to alternative therapies more than other doctors, and listen when patients tell us they work” (2).

In this paper we present you with a case study on pain relief  using a cheap, non-medical method. Hopefully those involved in managing pain of cancer patients would take note and “listen” to this story!

Case Presentation

Bee (H339) was a 71-year-old female. Sometime in mid-February 2010, she had shortness of breath. Detailed examination for about a month at a university hospital did not yield any result. Frustrated the family brought Bee to another university hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

She had fluid in her lungs and this was tapped out. A biopsy on 31 March 2010 confirmed primary carcinoma of the lung. The doctor suggested chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The family declined further medical treatment.

Hopeless and helpless, they sought alternative treatments. Her daughter said: We sought the help of 16 medical and traditional practitioners. After all these, we went into the internet and found CA Care.

Bee and her family came to see us on 16 June 2010. She presented with severe pains in the rib area. She was unable to lie down and sleep. For the past five months she was unable to sleep all night due to pains. Just one treatment with the bio-frequency and herbs, Bee was able to sleep and the pains almost disappeared.

Video 1: Severe Pain, Sleepless Night

Video 2: Recovery After A Day of Therapy

Video 3: Most Amazing Healing of Cancer Pain

Email 23 June 2010

My mother is doing generally quite well since coming back from Penang. Her appetite is quite okay.  Not really good but is able to eat.  Bowel movements also okay – about once or twice a day.  No diarrhea.  Stool is black in color. She has less coughing and less phlegm now.  The phlegm is white in color and only in the morning.  No phlegm at night.  There is a slight pain in the upper stomach whenever she coughs. Generally she has no problem sleeping except the need to wake up if there are coughs.

Sometimes she has a little pain at the back below the shoulder.  No more tightness in the chest.  Breathing is normal. Occasionally she has stomach wind and feels nauseous.  Is this normal?  Is this caused by the herbal which is taken before meal? She felt very tired after going through two days of e-Therapy.  Is this normal?  She said she felt better without the therapy. Please advise.

Email on 27 June 2010

Overall her condition is getting better.  Less coughing, less phlegm, more energetic, and look more lively. The problem is she still has pain in the rib area early in the morning, around 4 a.m. to 5 a.m.  Another thing is she can’t walk far.  Walking just about 50 meters make her exhausted.  Is this normal?

Email on 2 August 2010

Basically she is getting better.  Except occasionally stomach winds and pain in the shoulder and tightness in the rib area.

Email on 9 December 2010

For your information, our mother passed away peacefully without pain on 6 December 2010.  Since she was confirmed as lung cancer patient till the last day of her life, she was able to manage the pain very well.  Even Dr. F was shocked at how she managed to go on without pain killer.  She did not even have problem with coughing.  We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for giving her the “quality of life”.  She was able to talk and smile happily until the last day of her life.

From all of us,THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


This is indeed an inspiring story – not only for cancer patients but also for us as her healers. The world wants us to believe that herbs and e-therapy (or bio-frequency) are not proven, not safe, not FDA-approved and therefore are not appropriate for cancer patients. Bee has gone to seek the help of sixteen doctors and bomohs (shaman) and none could help her. The last stop was CA Care.

It wa a privilege for us to help Bee in her sufferings. And we are glad that we have succeeded in this effort. It is success such as this that makes us “tick” and persevere to help others – never mind if certain people want to make you believe that we are “quacks”.

Watch the videos and learn from Bee’s experience. It is unfortunate that our conversation was in Kelantanese-Chinese lingo which many people may not be able to understand fully. We have provided you with the subtitles but these could not convey the meaning in real depth – but enough for anyone to understand what is being said.

As a Kelantanese Chinese (CT), I could feel the suffering expressed by Bee. Her pains were throbbing, poking like the needles. They tightened up the chest muscle and numbed her. In addition, when in pain the right half of her chest was like an oven – hot and unbearable. The pain lasted throughout the day and night for the past five months before she came to us. The pains deprived her of sleep. She was unable to lie down, needing to be probed up with four or five pillows to make her sit curled up. She was breathless and the abdomen felt bloated.

All these sufferings almost disappeared after undergoing the e- Therapy for a day. Could you believe that? None would believe it. But know that miracles do happen at CA Care. And with God’s grace and mercy such miracle happens very often at CA Care. Indeed this is a miraculous story. And this is also a real story. No one is play-acting here.

We are grateful to Bee’s children for allowing us to use these videos without having to cover their late mother’s face. With nothing to hide, you can critically study the videos and see for yourself the facial reactions during our conversation. The story is nothing short of real.

We expected Bee to be with us in Penang for a week, undergoing the therapy. But it only took three days and we felt Bee could go home after that. We had succeeded to restore her quality of life.

In the subsequent emails, we were happy that Bee’s life was better. A study of her cancer through the scans, would tell anyone that this was a very serious, terminal case. There would be no cure – let there be no elusion about this. The victory is not how long Bee lived. The important thing is her quality of life – minimal pain and being able to sleep. And at the end, as her son wrote: “She was able to talk and smile happily till the last day of her life.” This is the real victory – we could not ask for more.


  1. Susan Lang & R. B. Patt. You don’t have to suffer. Oxford University Press. 1994.
  2. Richard Laliberte, Doctor’s guide to chronic pain. Reader’s Digest.2003.

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