Colon Cancer from France: My Father’s Healing Story

Abstract: The oncologist explained that my father will have 50 % chance to be alive for 5 years from now. With chemo, the statistic rises to 65%. I sent an e-mail to a Ph.D. telling the story of my father. I also sent to him two of your books to introduce your approach. He immediately argued that he heard about you but that you are certainly a good scientist except to heal cancer! “Do not waste your time and your money with Chris Teo!”  I don’t know what to think! Are they blind or deaf? I cannot believe they are so dumb.

Philippe BERT

Lyon, France

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My e-mails to CA Care in Penang

I live in Lyon while my parents live in a little village named Clerieux (Drome) which is 95 Km away.

I write to seek help for my 77-year-old father, Gaston Bert. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Five years before his cancer diagnosis the doctor had told my father that something was not right with his brain. He very often suffered vertigo.

My father’s problem started with severe bleeding while in the toilet. He was immediately hospitalized and on 1 June 2007 underwent an operation to remove part of his sigmoid colon.

Today, he is in very poor condition. He tries to get up but walking is very difficult. He needs help. He prefers staying in bed. He has very bad appetite and little hope of healing. He does not want to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy. He lost muscles mass and will need training. He wants to live – five years more in order to see his little son reach the age of sixteen.

My father’s conditions were as follows:

  • Pain: in pain stomach region. His condition is very poor. He is not strong enough to be on his legs.
  • Can you sleep? Yes, sleeping is quite okay.
  • Do you feel tired? Yes, very tired. Almost no strength.
  • How often is your bowel movement? Difficult and constipated.
  • How is your appetite? Very little.
  • Do you have difficulty breathing? No

23 June 2007

A few days after the surgery the cancer specialist met my father and said he was far too weak to receive chemotherapy. Last Monday, she came back and found him in a better condition but still wondered if he would be a “good candidate” to follow the treatment. She spoke to me over the phone.

Concerning chemotherapy – to do or not to do, she quoted these figures: WITHOUT chemo, 50% chance to be alive for 5 years and WITH chemo, 65 %. She is scheduled to meet my father for the third time on 3 July. I don’t know what position she will take. However, the doctors in charge of him try to influence the decision by explaining that the operation was well done and it will be more secured to undergo chemotherapy. As a matter of fact, my father seems not ready to go through another bad experience. 

26 June 2007

I am working every day on my father’s healing. The last weekend, I had a talk with my father and mother. My father will get back home next Thursday. We made a concrete decision: No chemo, my father will follow your advice on diet and he will take your herbs. Besides that, I am now getting more and more involved in cancer field. Are you ready to work with me and be my coach, teacher, guide, all of that?

Reply by Chris to above e-mail: Thanks for your email. Yes, you are indeed an amazing person who wants to learn. Don’t worry I am here to help you and guide you. No problem at all Phil. I like your spirit and your enthusiasm to help your father …   wonderful. Sure, if you learn enough and believe in what I do  ….help others too.

3 July 2007

Chris, I got a phone call fom my mother. My father had pains in the stomach region this morning. What do you think about this?

Reply by Chris: He started taking herbs on Friday afternoon, which means 4 days of treatment. Generally in the first week, patients may find “life” a bit
difficult … due to the healing crisis. Go into my website and read about the CA Therapy and the healing crisis. I don’t worry too much.

List of drugs that the doctors prescribed to my father:

1. LOVENOX: treatment against thrombosis.

2. INEXIUM:  treatment against gastro-esophagus reflux.
3. AMLOR: against high blood pressure.
4. TAHOR: against cholesterol.
5. OMIX: against prostate hypertrophy.

6. PLAVIX: for patients with recent heart attack, recent stroke, or poor circulation in the legs, known as peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

7. DIANTALVIC: pain (paracétamol + dextropropoxyphène).
8. NUTRICREMAL: nutriment additive with protein vanilia, chocolate.
9. TARDYFERON: mineral additives.
10. FORLAX: for constipation.
11. EDUCTYL NORMACOL: for constipation.
12. Nureflex, Néomercazole.

Reply by Chris: I counted there are 11 drugs that were prescribed. You mean you father had been feeding on these drugs? Did the doctor tell you what these drugs are for? Find out using the net and let me know. Different countries have different names for the same drugs … this makes things more confused for people. The more confused people are the better… so they become experts!

9 July 2007
I visited my father two times this weekend:

  • A few weeks ago in the hospital, he said that he would like to live five years more just to see his little son reach the age of sixteen.
  • We found him in a very good shape, very active, asking questions, talking about different subjects, arguing as he always did before. He showed us that he was even able to walk some steps without the walking stick.
  • I told him: Whoa!! You are very ok, today!! Much better!!
  • He started to answer that he was still not so good and so on. It was like he could NOT believe he was better. Even more, he refuses to accept the idea, etc.
  • On Sunday morning, I came alone to visit my parents. It was a different story. My father was in a different mood, no power, face down, almost like he “will not finish the day”. You can see this “up and down attitude”.
  • What is your opinion about this kind of patients who do not believe they can heal themselves? We have to fight two or three times harder for such person than a person who is positive!!
  • Not only that, he mismatches any positive comments. It works better on him to say: “You are not GOOD today!! You feel sick don’t you? You won’t succeed in your healing!! After such comments, he will look at you and smile a little bit. So, what can we do?

13 July 2007

The main news about my father – his doctor got the results of his blood analysis today. He called my parents and said:

  • Several markers are much better!! I don’t understand
  • Did I give special medicine to your husband?
  • My mother answered: No, I don’t think so.

Chris, I think we are on the right track! I shall continue to work on the mental blocks of my father and maybe I will be able to find the solutions.

19 July 2007

My father has improved a lot in his “movement” and he is able to walk without a walking stick. However, he still has pains in the stomach area. They did a scope and a scan on him. It was this afternoon and my mother just read me the report over the phone:

  • hypertrophy of the pancreatic head with necrotic centre with blockage of the mesenteric vein.
  • cephalic cellular function or inflammation.

23 July 2007

This weekend, a daughter of my parent’s friends came to visit my father. She is 47 and got her third cancer: colon, liver and lung. She is undergoing her 3rd chemo. She said: chemo doesn’t work! We talk about alternative therapy. That’s why people go toward herbs and alternative medicines.

1 August 2007

Sorry to bother you again, but I wanted to share with you my feelings. Indeed, I want to let you know how difficult it is for me to handle the healing of my father and how important it is for me to get support from yourself and Dave (not real name). I need to fight against the doctor, language barrier and comprehension of a new field and the negative thinking of my father. Fortunately, my mother helps a lot in this experience. I hope I don’t bother you too much with my questions, misunderstanding and some panic situations and so on. 

7 August 2007

I want to share the healing of my father with everyone.
Please, see these 2 videos – before and after herbs.

29 November 2007

For my father, some news came after the check up in November.

  • Blood analysis: the markers are all okay so far.
  • However, after the last scan, doctors claimed the cancer might have spread out to around the abdomen and lung area (nodules, nodes, etc…)
  • His doctor said that it is time to start chemo; he did not want to recognize the good effects of herbs because it is an alternative treatment.
  • He told me: Chemo + Alternative Treatment could be the least decision to make.
  • My father is ready to choose a new doctor – one with more open mind than this one.

13 June 2008

I got a question from my dad about quantity of teas he has to drink every day. As you know, he had to change his eating habits. It wasn’t that easy for a 77-year-old. In addition, drinking the teas every day make him go to the toilets every 2 hours. Therefore, he has been often asking me: Can I reduce the quantity of drinking in order to avoid urinating less often? I answer to him many times was: “You have to drink teas if you want to survive” and so on. At that point, I believe he really gets tired of going to urinate so often. So, I am asking your opinion. Please, tell me if he can reduce the quantity of liquid per day. Thank you in advance.

17 January 2009

Here are the answers to your questions:
a) About your father’s treatment: Did he receive any chemo at all?

Answer: No chemo at all because we just refuse the treatment.

b) The doctor suggested chemo?  Why?

Answer: The doctor said that it is a kind of security not to have the cancer coming back. They even fixed on him a chemo port close to the right shoulder.

c) How is his health condition? Now compared to before his cancer?

Answer: Pretty good condition in respect to his age.

d) Did he go back to see his doctor of medical check-up?

Answer: Yes, every three months right after the operation and now every six months.

e) He was taking the medications for hypertension, prostrate, pain, cholesterol, etc. Is he still on all those drugs? You said he suffered vertigo very often – what happen now? Same?

Answer: Medication for memory, prostate, stomach and pain. That’s it! My father has had vertigo for twenty years, it is the same, not more.

f) Generally after patients take our herbs, some of these problems disappear – what happen in your father’s case?

Answer: Rather better condition.

g ) It is one and a half years after his cancer operation – what is his attitude now?
Is he confident about his future?

Answer: He is pretty confident.

h) When he first started the herbs, did he ever believe it is going to work for him?

Answer: Frankly not because of his negative attitude and he always has doubts in his mind. My mother and I worked hard to convince him. It was a long process day after day.

i) From the view of your mother, what does she think about his healing?

Answer: She thinks it is a pretty good situation compared to people who have had cancer and chemo.

j) From your view as a son, what have you to say about this healing?

Answer: I think that it is really amazing to achieve this healing and I have to tell you that I now become a vegetarian! You can have an idea of my conviction and I even would like to help other people. It is not an easy job, as you know much more than anybody else in this world.

k) Do you think you would travel the same road again if you were to do it all over again?


l) Why don’t you want to do chemo?

Answer: We did not accept to do chemo because my dad was so weak that he would resist not more than 3 or 4 weeks. At that time, He was not able to stay on his legs, he was just able to swallow 6 or 7 tea spoons of his meal.

m) Did the doctor get angry when your father did not want to do chemo?

Answer: Yes, she was upset at me. When I mentioned alternative treatments, she literally answered to me: “Alternative treatments? I do not know about. I just know alternative courant!! Most components of chemo are from herbs. It is natural medicines.” She accepted to talk about the decision on July 3, 2007. However, my dad got an appointment for his first chemo session the same day. Therefore, I had to cancel the appointments, called the secretary of the oncologist, called the hospital to release the reservation at 8.30 a.m.

n)    What did the doctor say can happen to your father if he did not do chemo?

Answer: She explained that he will have 50 % chance to be alive for 5 years from now. With chemo, the statistic rises to 65%. So, the figures speak by themselves.

  • o)    Did the doctor tell you, how serious was your father’s cancer? What stage? Spread to any other organs?

Answer: No, I don’t think so. She said that my parents do not seem to understand what was going on. I had to explain to them the situation.

27 February 2009

Just few words to share with you:

The 47 year-old woman (daughter of my parent’s friends) suddenly died last week. She had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy many times during more than twelve years of her disease. I could not convince her to try herbs or even to change a little bit about her diet. I am sad about that and at the same time I consider that I have done my job of “knowledge transmission” even if I know very little about this subject.

My dad saw the oncologist last Tuesday. She found him in a very good condition and his cancer markers are okay. They plan to do a colonoscopy in six months.
Like at each meeting, she repeated the same words to my parents: Indeed, I wasn’t enthusiastic to start chemo after your surgery because you were very weak at that time! At the same time no words said about what my father did – alternative treatment, nutrition or whatever!

I just cannot believe how these doctors can behave like hypocrites. I had to fight against this lady doctor to keep my dad out of the hospital in July 2007. Please, tell all your patients not to give up when facing such powerful medical people! Anyone has the choice to decide to suffer or to continue his life peacefully till the end.

Thanks Fil for your co-operation and willingness to share!
4 September 2009

My father is doing well. He has very good appetite even too much from my point of view but as you know, old people don’t want to give up foods. However, I suppose he quit eating meat, milk products and eggs from the beginning of the herbs treatment in July 2007.

7 January 2011

Hi Chris,

Happy new year to you and yours!  We haven’t been in contact for a while. I just wanted to give some news of my dad. He just came from his oncologist appointment. She (the oncologist) just said everything is okay. Next medical check in one year! No question about herbs or whatever. He is running to 81 this spring! That is after his colon cancer in 2007. Should I remind that he got surgery but no chemo. Thanks to the herbs and your advice for vegetarian diet.

13 March 2011

Thank you for asking about us. My dad is in quite good shape even if he passed his 80’s. No news anymore about cancer, still in troubles with balance, some symptoms of Alzheimer are coming.

Additional comment

I opened a dialogue with two persons about my father’s healing.  One is an oncologist. He read my father’s medical file, including the cancelation of chemo on 3 July 2007 at 8.30 a.m. plus all the blood analysis +ultrasound scans + colonoscopy+ various exams during 3-year-period. In addition, I wrote a one-page-letter reminding him that there was no chemo, no radiotherapy… only veggie nutrition + herbs from Chris TEO.

The second person is a Ph.D. I sent an e-mail telling the story of my father from 2007 till now. I sent to him two of your books to introduce your approach. He immediately argued that he heard about you but that you are certainly a good scientist except to heal cancer! I don’t know what to think! Are they blind or deaf? I cannot believe they are so dumb.

This is what he wrote me (translated from French).

March 9, 2010

Okay for your father’s medical file. It is the surgery and chemo which have saved your dad’s life.

Besides that, changing nutrition is obviously required not only for avoiding recurrence but for the entire family.

Do not waste your time and your money with Chris TEO!

About chemo, your father did well not to follow the treatment because it was not required.


From 2007 to 2011 – Gaston is still doing well, after not doing any chemotherapy for his colon cancer! Before Philippe wrote us, there was another person in France (Dave) who had undergone surgery and chemotherapy for his colon cancer. Dave came to Penang and decided to try our herbs. We taught him how to boil the herbs, etc. So when Philippe wrote us, we found it easier to ask Dave to help explain everything to Philippe. Philippe’s father continued to take the herbs to this day while Dave dropped out after about three months. He opted for more surgery and more chemotherapy and in early 2009 we received news that Dave had died.

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