Lower Back Pain Resolved After e-Therapy

Abstract: Ron came to CA Care on 31 March 2011. He presented with lower back pain, a problem arising from a car accident a year earlier. He received three sessions of our e-Therapy. His lower back pain was resolved.

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At some point in their lives, up to 90% of people living in the United States suffer from lower back pain. This makes the problem the second most common neurological ailment in the country after headache. Up to 50% of Americans will have more than one episode of lower back pain (1, 2, 4). In the UK the situation is similar – about 8 in 10 people have one or more incidents of lower back pain in their life time (3).

Back pain interferes with work, routine daily activities or recreation. In more serious cases, lower back pain makes it difficult for a person to walk or even stand (1).  For some people lower back pain goes away within a few days. For some others, it takes a much longer to resolve. Yet for some more unfortunate cases, this problem could lead to more serious conditions (2).

Back pain is classified as either acute or chronic. Acute back pain is short term, generally lasting from a few days to a few weeks (1). Most acute back pain is mechanical in nature — caused by trauma to the lower back or a disorder / disease such as arthritis, cancer, etc.

Pain from trauma may be caused by a sports injury, work around the house or in the garden, or a sudden jolt such as a car accident or other stress on spinal bones and tissues (2).

Chronic lower back pain is generally defined as pain that persists for more than three months. The pain may be progressive. It may occasionally recur. The cause is generally not known.

Treatments of lower back pain

Surgeons may probably suggest surgery in some cases of lower back pain. But in most cases of lower back pain, no surgery is required. It can be treated by medications, reduction of inflammation, restoration of the proper function and strength to the back, and prevention of recurrence of the injury (2).

Among the non-drug methods of treating lower back pains are: bed rest, exercise, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, spinal manipulation, use of electrical stimulation such as TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), etc. (2, 4).


Ron is a 21-year-old male from Medan, Indonesia. A year ago he met with a motor car accident. While driving his car at night with four friends he drove off the road and fell into a 20-metre-deep ravine. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. Since then he suffer pains in his lower back and on both sides of his shoulder blades.

Ron came to CA Care on 31 March 2011. He accompanied his father who had lung cancer. While at our centre, we suggested that Ron try our e-Therapy. He received a total of three treatments as below:

Treatment / Duration Response
Day 1: Detox # 2 – for 34 minutes After receiving this therapy, he was able to sleep for eight hours without having to wake up. He felt fresh the next morning.
Day 2: Detox #3 – for 51 minutes Same as the first day. Uninterrupted sleep for eight hours. Felt fresh the next morning.
Day 3: Lumbago # 98 – for 30 minutes No more pain in the lumbar region.

Below is our video conversation recorded over the three-day period.


As reported here, the bio-frequency or e-Therapy is effective in resolving lower back pain. Ron is just one of many examples of positive response we obtain with the e-Therapy.  In some patients, the problem resolves almost immediately after the treatment.   What boggles the mind is that such a harmless, cheap modality is not known to many people. Most likely doctors do not know what it is. Many of us are tuned to taking pharmaceutical drugs or going under the knife.

I must say I am an “expert” in figuring what to do when you have lower back pain. When I was in my mid-40s (i.e. about two and a half decades ago) I had my first episode of lower back pain. My daughter came running to me one morning to say good bye before I were to go off to work. I picked her up and sprained my back very badly. I was in severe pain and was unable to move. I summoned an ambulance to bring me to a nearby hospital. I was hospitalized for a few days. But the doctor did virtually nothing. Worse still, I had to sleep on a soft hospital bed that aggravated my backache. Of course with regular painkiller intake, my problem improved. I was discharged from the hospital but was not totally “cured”. My feet felt numb and I could not feel the carpet under my feet  when I walked over it.  It was then that I learned that modern medicine could not effectively handle the problem of lower back pain. Painkiller, muscle relaxants, steroids, etc. are not the answers. On hindsight, I must say I was lucky that the doctor did not do anything. Had he suggested surgery, I would have agreed to it!

I started to learn tai qi because gentle exercise is supposed to help. But every time I bent down, I felt the pulling pain of my stomach and back muscles. Anyway, I had to learn to live with this discomfort. After all, the doctor had done his best and at that time I knew nothing about alternative medicine. I was, like most English-educated people, an ardent believer of modern, scientific medicine.  Remember, I was then an academic and a scientist in a science university. Something as “hocus pocus” as alternative medicine was never my cup of tea.

Living a life with back pain was no fun – rather frustrating! I was introduced to a Chinese sinseh who put some acupuncture needles into me. He also massaged my strained back. The massage caused such severe pain that even my urine would leak out! But I was assured that this was the way it is – fight pain with pain! All said, this Chinese sinseh’s method did not help me.

Some months later, my wife and I attended a talk by a direct selling agency. This meeting was held in a big hall where many hundreds of people attended.  The speaker talked about a certain bio-frequency lamp invented by someone in China. It was supposed to “cure” various ailments, including lower back pain, slipped disc, etc. This lamp was priced at over RM 3,000 each. I bought the lamp and used it diligently. Within a week my condition improved.

With such positive effects, I started to share the lamp with people who needed help with back pain. One good case to relate is about the mother of one of my students. She was scheduled to have an operation for her back pain. I advised her to defer the surgery and use the lamp instead. She was “cured” and did not need any more surgery.

There was a man in a small town near Ipoh, Perak. He developed a backache wine which was very effective. A bottle sold for RM 150.00. When I felt my back aching, I just need to take a tablespoon of the wine mixed with plain water. The problem would go away. Knowing that this “wine” is so important to me and people like me, I offered to “buy” the formula of the medication. I was told through the relative of the wine man that he agreed to my proposal. Unfortunately the man died just as the deal was about to go through! After the man died, the son claimed that the family had burnt his father’s formula!  The world has lost yet another great potential contribution!

From the wine, I turned to a chiropractor for help. But with the “sound” of the joints and bone “cracking” when the chiropractor turned and twisted the limbs, the treatment seemed scary.  But the chiropractor that I went to was good. I obtained immediately relief after his treatment.  I visited him a few times over a period of years.

There does not seem to be a permanent cure for lower back pain.  The problem keeps recurring.  Sitting on the “wrong” chair or sleeping on the “wrong” bed brings back the problem almost immediately. Picking up some heavy books or carrying a heavy bag while on a tour can also invite the problem. So, I have learned to live with the problem and try to avoid the triggers. Unfortunately, I still do suffer from lower back pain off and on up to this day. Even sitting too long in front of the computer plus “bad” sitting posture can cause severe back pain. I just suffered another episode of back pain about a week ago. I did the e-Therapy and used the Pain Solution which I had over time developed for this problem.

Since early 2010, I used the e-Therapy. I find it helps me tremendously. I do not need to go to the chiropractor or drink the backache wine any more.  I have learned to help myself just as in the case of Ron documented here.


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  1. dear brother Chris,

    i note with great enthusiasm another of your “achievement”, and that is in the area of pain management. patients ask me from time to time about how to handle their “arthritis” and pains, and i have found that energy med tools are extremely useful, minus the side effects of harsh orthopedic treatments. in this respect, i would like to know more about your e.therapy with a view to adopt this therapy in my practice. pl tell me more. thank you. cheers, andrew leong s c

  2. Hello Andrew,
    It is very very hard for me to explain in the net. You have to see and try it to know.

    Anyway go to this link:

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