Kidney Pain and Disharmonies of Lung, Liver and Kidney Meridians Resolved After e-Therapy and Herbs


TS is a 53-year-old male from Singapore. He had been having severe back pain since the past three years, but did not go for any medical treatment. A CT scan indicated a 4.1 x 3.3 x 2.9 cm well-circumscribed rounded solid-appearing mass at the inferior pole of his left kidney. He refused surgery.  After five days on the herbs and two sessions of the e-Therapy, all his symptoms were resolved.

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Kidney Pain:  Many people suffer from pain that originates in the back. It may be difficult to an ordinary person to know if this pain is due to back pain or kidney pain. People sometimes equate back pain with kidney pain (1).

Pain caused by the kidney is typically felt in the flank or back area just at the lower edge of the ribs on either side of the spine.  Kidney pain tends to be sharp and severe and occurs in waves. On the other hand, back pain occurs at the lower or the middle of the back. It is usually due to the muscles, ligaments, or even vertebrae and disks in the spinal column. The pain typically gets worse with movement.

The common causes of kidney pain are: stones, infection or pyelonephritis, injury or infarction, cancer, polycystic kidney disease, blocked urine flow, bladder or ureteral spasm (2,3).

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lower back pain or abdominal pain may be a sign of disharmony of the Liver (4).

Insomnia:  Western medicine and TCM have different views about insomnia. To Western doctors, insomnia is the inability to sleep soundly. If there is no obvious physical reason, such as pain, it will usually be seen as an emotional problem such as stress, anxiety, or depression. And the answer for such people is sleeping pills or anti-depressants.

TCM considers the root of insomnia as being due to the imbalances of Lung, Heart, Spleen, Liver and Kidney. The two organs most often out of balance are the Heart and the Liver. Each of these two organs houses a specific aspect of the spirit. If these organs are out of balance, they will not be able to house the spirit properly, and the spirit will wander. A wandering spirit, or Shen disturbance, can manifest in a number of ways, including mood disorders, heart palpitations, but insomnia is the most common symptom.  For people who may be awake for an hour or so, or may not go back to sleep at all often suffer from a Heart/Spleen deficiency (5).



TS (H570) is a 53-year-old male from Singapore. He had been having severe pain in the back since the past three years. But he did not seek any medical treatment. A routine blood test on 8 February 2011 indicated low platelets count (124 x10⁹/L) and one of the liver enzymes (AST =33) was slightly elevated.

A follow up CT scan indicated a 4.1 x 3.3 x 2.9 cm well-circumscribed rounded solid-appearing mass at the inferior pole of his left kidney. There was no associated fat or calcification within the lesion. No other mass was indentified within the left kidney. TS also had a diffusely fatty liver. There was a 1.6 cm hypodense lesion within segment 6 of his liver. The appearance is in keeping with a cyst (Figure 1).

  Figure 1. The left kidney has a rounded solid mass and the liver has a 1.6 cm hypodense lesion.

According to the radiology report, his left kidney mass may represent a complex cystic or a solid mass but a renal neoplasm cannot be excluded. A histological correlation was suggested.

TS came to seek our help on 1 April 2011. Upon reviewing his CT scan, we suggested removal of his left kidney. But before taking on the surgery we suggested that TS do a PET scan first. This is to rule out any metastasis, i.e., “cancer” spreading to other parts of the body. If there was metastasis, then a cure from surgery becomes a remote possibility.

During this first visit, TS presented with the following:

  1. Back pain.
  2. Insomnia. He only slept 3 to 4 hours each night and woke up every few hours.
  3. Abdominal wind.
  4. Burning sensation when urinating.
  5. One side of his nose was blocked.

We prescribed Capsule A, deTox + WF tea and Kidney tea.   TS came back five days later. He showed some improvements.  His stomach felt good – there was no more wind. After taking herbs for two days there was no more burning sensation when urinating. Also his nose block was gone.

TS decided to reject our earlier suggestion of a surgery. He would not go for a PET scan either. As far as he was concerned, at this point of time, he only wanted to try our herbal therapy.

On 4 May 2011, TS came back to see us for the third time. His health was normal and he could sleep well and uninterrupted for 5 to 6 hours each night.  Below is the video recording of our conversation that morning.


Gist of Our Conversation

  1. TS has been having this intense pain in his back for the past many years. The pain came on and off. After an attack, the pain could linger on for a few days.
  2. TS consulted the doctor but he was told nothing was wrong with him. It was only after a CT scan was done that a mass was found in his left kidney.
  3. TS underwent a brief e-Therapy (Detox 1, 17 minutes) while at CA Care in Penang. He felt better.
  4. When he went home to Singaore, he did Detox 2 which was for 34 minutes. The pain was gone.
  5. For the past three weeks, he did not suffer any more pain.
  6. A friend’s sister has high blood pressure. TS put her on the Hypertension #68. She felt better after four days.
  7. TS’s maid hurt her finger when closing the door. The pain was intense. TS put her on the Detox. The next morning, there was no more pain.


AcuGraph Study

On 1 April 2011 during TS’s first visit, an AcuGraph reading was taken. It showed low SP and LR meridians while his LU, HT, LI and BL were split (Figure 2).

TS came back again on 6 April 2011 after being on the herbs for five days. A second AcuGraph reading was taken. Only his LR and KI meridians were low. The LU meridian was high (Figure 3).

So in addition to the kidney herbs prescribed earlier, we decided to correct his LR and KI imbalances by prescribing him Wen Jing (for Liver disharmony) and Jin Gui Shen Qi (for Kidney disharmony).

On 4 May 2011, TS came back to see us for the third time.  His AcuGraph reading showed further improvements. Only his GB meridian was split, all other meridians were normal (Figure 4)

Figure 2. Reading on 1 April 2011. He was prescribed Capsule A, deTox + WF and Kidney teas.

Figure 3 Reading on 6 April 2011. He was prescribed Wen Jing (for liver disharmony) and Jin Gui Shen Qi (for kidney disharmony) teas in addition to Capsule A, deTox + WF and Kidney teas.


Figure 4.  Reading on 4 May 2011. Only the GB was split, the rest of the meridians were normal.

Concluding Remark

This is an amazing healing story.  TS’s three-year-old kidney pain problem vanished after two sessions of the e-Therapy. Then his insomnia, blocked nose, wind in the abdomen and burning sensation during urination just resolved after taking herbs for less than a week. This healing story is probably not easy for anyone to believe. But be rest assured it is true!



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