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Six-month-to-live-patient with Bone Cancer of Unknown Origin Revived by Herbs

Abstract: Nathan, a 66-year-old male, was diagnosed with bone cancer of unknown primary. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he was immobilsed to the extent of not being able to lie down. He had severe pains and was on daily morphine intake. Nathan was put on herbs and within a week, he was able to walk. […]

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Metastatic Bone Cancer of Unknown Primary Resolved by Herbal Therapy

Abstract: Angela, 69-year old female, was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer of unknown primary in September 1999. She declined radiotherapy and took herbs instead. She was on herbal therapy for five years. Medical examination in August 2004 indicated that her suspected bone cancer had resolved. She is currently on medication for osteoporosis. Chris K. H. […]

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