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Colon Cancer from France: My Father’s Healing Story

Abstract: The oncologist explained that my father will have 50 % chance to be alive for 5 years from now. With chemo, the statistic rises to 65%. I sent an e-mail to a Ph.D. telling the story of my father. I also sent to him two of your books to introduce your approach. He immediately […]

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Terminal, Vegetable-state Colon Cancer Patient Revived by Herbal Therapy

Abstract: Poh, a 54-year old female was diagnosed with Duke’s C colon cancer. She underwent surgery, followed by radiotherapy and oral chemotherapy. She suffered severe side effects and consequently was unable to walk. She was confined to bed unable to move and was reduced to a state of vegetable. She was only bones and skin […]

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Cancerous Colonic Obstruction at Hepatic Flexure Relieved by Herbs

Abstract: An 82-year-old female was diagnosed with colon cancer. A large mass was found obstructing the colonic passage at the hepatic flexure. The family declined surgery and opted for herbal treatment. Within two weeks, the patient’s condition was restored to normalcy. Chris K. H. Teo & Ch’ng Beng Im-Teo CA Care, 5 Lebuhraya Gelugor, 11600 […]

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