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Comatose Patient with Pineoblastoma Revived by Herbal Therapy

Abstract: Daisy, then a 21-year-old female, presented with vomiting and headaches. A CT scan indicated obstructive hydrocephalus. Her condition returned to normalcy after the installation of V-P shunts. Barely one and a half years later Daisy suffered a relapse. Subsequent imaging indicated tumors in the brain and this was diagnosed as pineoblastoma. Daisy was in […]

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Recovery from Brain Cancer through Strong Faith in God and Herbal Therapy: An Ethnographic Case Study And Structured Interview

Abstract: The participant of this study was diagnosed with pineoblastoma – a malignant and rare form of brain cancer. She was in a coma in a hospital and no medication was able to help her. However, she recovered after taking herbs. In this ethnographic case study participant attributed her miraculous healing to God’s will and […]

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Arresting the Progressive Growth of Pineocytoma with Herbal Therapy

Abstract: QM, 12-year-old girl, was diagnosed with pineocytoma. Surgical resection was not indicated. With time the tumour started to grow in size from 1.5 x 2 x 2.1 cm in 2002 to 2.5 x 2.7 x 3.1 cm in 2004. QM’s mother declined radiotherapy and opted for herbal treatment. One year on the herbs, MRI […]

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