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Early Detection, Intuition, Relationship and Spiritual Awakening Made Her Whole: Experience of a 12-Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Abstract: Cindy was 34 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Stage 1. She underwent a lumpectomy. Since the margin was not clear she was asked to undergo a mastectomy to be followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She felt very strongly that there was another way of dealing with her cancer which she […]

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Recovery from Brain Cancer through Strong Faith in God and Herbal Therapy: An Ethnographic Case Study And Structured Interview

Abstract: The participant of this study was diagnosed with pineoblastoma – a malignant and rare form of brain cancer. She was in a coma in a hospital and no medication was able to help her. However, she recovered after taking herbs. In this ethnographic case study participant attributed her miraculous healing to God’s will and […]

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Post-traumatic Growth in Cancer: Perspectives of Indo-Malaysian Patients

Abstract: In spite of the differences in cultural and ethnic background, this study showed that cancer patients living in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, experienced post-traumatic growth just like their counterparts in Western countries. Participants of this study became more appreciative of their lives in addition to have grown spiritually. Their personal growth had made them […]

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