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To be credible, it is important that statements or claims made about a certain therapy are backed by concrete and reliable evidence. In addition, the outcome and benefits of the therapy must be properly documented. Often practitioners of traditional and complementary therapies are accused of plying their trade based on hearsay or flimsy evidence –they do not publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.

We fully understand that to publish articles in the so-called peer-review journals is extremely difficult. You have to play the game according to their rules – and sometimes, their rules cannot be applied to the practice of non-conventional medicine. Besides, only topics that are within the scope of medical thinking are acceptable! Evidence-based practices falling outside the sphere of medicine don’t get published in medicine-related or doctors-drug companies-controlled publications. We strongly feel that evidence and truth need not necessarily come only from double blind, placebo-controlled trials.

A  simple healing story/ case study embodies the same truth as any scientific experiment, if it is told with absolute honesty and those who read the story are willing to seek and see truth with unbiased eyes.

There are more “rules” to the publishing game. Generally, it costs a lot of money to get articles published in journals – it can be anything from a couple of hundred or thousand dollars! The cheapest cost to get an article published in an Internet Journal is US$250.00.  Then, just to read or download a certain article from a journal may probably cost US$20 to US$30. We, in the developing countries, would probably not be able to afford such expenses. It appears to us that the playing field of journal publication is not level.  Even to read and publish, we need money (or sponsorship), let alone doing the research.

It strikes us that, as an initial modest effort, we need to initiate a journal with a difference.

Let’s have an author-friendly, free-access and open-ended e-Journal of Traditional & Complementary Medicine. It costs “no money” to read or to publish.

You are invited to submit articles anytime and it will be uploaded to this website as soon as it is accepted. However, your submission may need to be edited, if necessary, and must comply with the normally accepted academic format. As much as we would welcome articles, we reserve the right to decline publication of materials that are info-commercial in nature or their contents appear to be an unfair and unwarranted personal attack against certain group of people or practice.  Articles are categorised under:  Case Study, Personal Experience, Conference / Seminar Presentation, Review Article, and General Article.

This journal is about evidence-based therapies.

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  1. In a nutshell:
    Stuff that works, by people who care.
    Quite extraordinary.

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